South Sea, Tahitian & Cultured Fresh Water Pearl Necklace

Additional Information

Assessment of the Pearls (32).
Averages stated where applicable.
Length (approximately): 465.00mm (a ‘standard long’ necklace; 18.1/2”).
Finish: individually knotted (silk).
Shape: round to near round.
Measuring (graduated): 12.25mm x 14.50.
Lustre: very good (pinks ‘excellent’).
Surface quality: mostly clean.
Nacre thickness: excellent.
Degree of matching: excellent.

Details of the Clasp.
Construction: three-piece articulated, mechanically sprung push-in clasp.
Measuring: 22.25mm x 13.80mm.
Materials: 18ct yellow gold.
Marked: ‘750’.

RP £12,000.00.


Details of the Individual Pearls.
Ordered from the receiving side of the clasp. Stating nature, colour and size.

CFP: pink. 12.27mm.
SS: yellow. 11.97mm.
TH: grey. 12.31mm.
CFP: pink. 12.39mm.
SS: white. 12.30mm.
SS: yellow. 12.65mm.
CFP: pink. 12.61mm.
SS: bluish-white. 12.54mm.
SS: gold. 12.89mm.
CFP: pink. 12.80mm.
SS: yellow. 13.28mm.
SS: orange.13.40mm.
TH: grey. 12.75mm.
SS: yellow. 13.48mm.
CFP: pink. 13.63mm.
SS: white. 14.56mm.
SS: yellow. 14.63mm.
CFP: orange. 13.64mm.
TH: grey. 13.37mm.
SS: gold. 13.02mm.
SS: yellow. 13.08mm.
CFP: pink. 12.77mm.
SS: yellow. 12.75mm.
TH: purplish-grey. 12.95mm.
CFP: pink. 12.71mm.
SS: greyish white. 12.90mm.
SS: yellow. 12.86mm.
CFP: pink. 12.38mm.
SS: bluish-white. 12.40mm.
SS: yellow. 12.37mm.
CFP: pink. 12.40mm.
SS: greenish-yellow. 12.36mm.

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