Antique Indian Hand Made Silver Filigree Hinged Bangle

Additional Information

Handmade silver. 

A round bangle of hollow form the upper surface ornamented with traditional Indian filigree techniques hinged with a pin opening. 


Measuring: 8.25mm. 

Bangle size (diameter): approximately 57.00mm. 

Weight: 33.90g. 

Condition: good. 


“Filigree work in northern and central India is called by the Persian term tarkashikam (tar, wire; tarkash, a wire drawer), or melilakam-sari-gaiyizhaippu in Tamil. The European term filigree, or the older filligrain (L: filum, wire; and granum, grain) came into use because in this work, characteristically, the object is made with wire and small metal balls or grain, though today this is not always the case either in India or the West¹.” 

The spherules atop the filigree decorations are additionally described as ‘rawaa‘ as the author explains. “Rawaa (granule, seed) balls are made in various sizes by heating coarse silver fillings, traditionally placed on top of wire units and compounds and at joints to conceal them¹”. 


¹. Traditional Jewelry of India. Oppi Untracht. 1997. Thames & Huidson. 

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